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  • Greeting
    ASSITEJ Korea was founded in 1982 by Euikyung Kim
    ASSITEJ Korea has reached its current status because of Euikyung Kim’s great efforts for
    Korean TYA and also with the support of hundreds
    of theatre professionals including our former presidents: Woo-ok Kim, Ban Lee,
    Jobyung Yoon, Inhyun Song, Byungho Kim, and Sookhee Kim

    Thanks to their achievements, Korean TYA has been positioned
    in the mainstream of Asian theatre networks.

    Remembering their contributions through theatre, ASSITEJ Korea
    will continue to restore the spirit of human dignity that we have
    forgotten while living in our busy modern society.

    We will meet our future - our children and young people - with theatre,
    , hoping for children and young people to decide their own destinies.

    President, ASSITEJ Korea
    Jeeyoung Bang